First, Conditional Rules Manager macro renders whole its body contents, i.e. it enumerates all the macros in its body and lets them to be executed. If Conditional Rule macro is located, its parameters are written to the rule list, the macro itself is skipped so it is not shown on the result page.

Then Conditional Rules Manager locates the elements to be processed – it selects all “” and “” tags on the page. The tag “” may be skipped if an appropriate parameter is set to true.

After that whole set of elements to be processed is sent to each rule one by one. Each rule checks the application of its condition to the elements and make appropriate changes to the conformant elements. If the rule is marked to stop if true, the consequent rules do not check the conformant element any more.

When all rules are checked, the Conditional Rules Manager applies appropriate formatting and replacements to conformant elements and returns the result page.

As a result, all the cells, which values conform to any applied rule, are appropriately formatted and the text is replaced if needed.