Reporting Confluence Data Provider macro allows reading of Confluence item data from current Confluence. The items are searched by specified CQL query. The max number of items may be specified, but cannot be higher than 1000 items. Data providers in Reporting return data in a form of an array of JSON objects - one JSON object per each report line. Then, in Reporting Table Item formulas these objects may be accessed via CurrentItem variable.

Reporting Confluence Data Provider macro has the following parameters:

Parameter Description
[String] Query (default=''(Empty value))

A CQL query to be used to search for Confluence items. This parameter cannot be empty.


  • 'Space = TST' - returns all Confluence items (pages, attachments, comments) of the TST space.
[String] Expand (default=''(Empty value))

A multi-value parameter indicating which properties of the content to expand. A good set of examples is specified here.


  • 'history' - Returns the history of the content, including the date it was created.
[String] Filter (default=''(Empty value))

The formula, which filters out the values when it returns False. Ignored if empty.


  • 'FIND("Report", CurrentItem.content.title) > 0' - Returns True for the pages with the title, which contains a 'Report' word. So this formula helps to create a report with the pages, which have 'Report' word in its name.
[Long] Max results (default=1000) The maximum amount of items to be returned. This feature is convenient to create the lists of TOP Something, when the items are sorted in CQL query and the amount is limited with this parameter.