Numerical Expression macro has the following parameters: 

Parameter Description
Macro body content Specify how you will specify numerical expressions - as a single formula or as a part of text enclosed in square or curly braces. If placing formulas in braces is selected, there could be more than one formulas specified - each in own braces
Outer values source Defines, where the table values will be taken – from the macro body only (default) or from whole page content
Show calculation result only If checked, will show the result, otherwise will show the formula and the result. If any macro is specified as a parameter, a numerical value, taken from it, will be shown
Decimal symbol A symbol, used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of the value
Digit grouping symbol A symbol, used to separate the groups of digits in the integer part of the value. Possible values: ""(default), " ", ".", ",", "'"
Decimal places The number of digits after decimal symbol to be shown
Backward compatibility mode Makes macro behave in pre-version 7.0 manner: automatically convert table cell and macro values to numerical values. Version 7.0 takes whole text and user it as a parameter. Use Value function to extract numerical values
Load macro dynamically If turned on, only a tiny part of macro is loaded initially and all calculations are performed in parallel and loaded afterwards. This lets a parent page to be loaded without waiting while all calculations are finished.
Note: The feature applies to server version only