The one of the errors, CelesteCS Math Cloud administrators meet during implementation phase, is the “Error: Some error occurred while reading own page content”. The reason of this issue is in most cases in macro user permissions.  The following article describes the details and the solution of this issue.

Some administrators wish to protect some content from plug-ins: sensitive details such as payroll and future business plans, and wish to be assured that it is accessible to few add-ons or no add-ons at all. This protected data varies across instances, as does its protections.

Atlassian enables administrators to arbitrarily limit plug-in access to user data at run-time by assigning every plug-in its own user. Administrators can then configure permissions for these plug-in users in very similar way, how they configure it for normal users. Every incoming request from a plug-in is assigned the plug-in user and authorization proceeds with the plug-in user permissions. Plug-ins are not told which user they are assigned and do not need to specify it: it is automatically mapped from the identity of the plug-in itself.

If an administrator limits some Confluence space access, a plug-in may have got a 403-forbidden error returned for its requests. Thus, when CelesteCS Math Cloud plug-in tries to read its own page contents (that is done when tables are used), it fails and returns “Some error occurred while reading own page content” error to an administrator.

The solution for this issue is to allow the own CelesteCS Math Cloud plug-in user access to the Confluence space. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Administration->General configuration
  2. Locate and click Space permissions link. A Space Permissions page will be opened
  3. In the Individual Spaces section locate the space you need to allow plug-in access to
  4. Click Manage Permissions link for this space. A Space Tools page will be opened
  5. In the Individual Users section click the Edit Permissions button. An edit box with Add button will appear
  6. Start entering “CelesteCS” and the rest of the name “addon_com.celestecs.confluence.celestecs-math” will auto-complete.
  7. Select this name and click Add button right after edit box
  8. You will see “CelesteCS Math for Confluence Cloud(addon_com.celestecs.confluence.celestecs-math)” user in the table. Check the permissions you need to grant for the CelesteCS Math plug-in
  9. Click Save all button
  10. Done!

After specified changes are performed CelesteCS Math plugin will be granted appropriate access rights and the issue will most likely disappear.