In this major release:

  • Ability to load Math macro dynamically. If this feature is turned on, only a tiny part of macro is loaded initially and all calculations are performed in parallel and loaded afterwards. This lets a parent page to be loaded without waiting while all calculations are finished.

Note: The feature applies to server version only

Starting from this version CelesteCS Math add-on is provided in two versions: for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud. Both add-ons share the same code base, thus most new features will appear in both versions. CelesteCS Math Cloud add-on is hosted on Google App Engine servers, so it becomes a highly-available and secure solution, but at the same time it is still simple and easy to use. CelesteCS Math add-on is still hosted on parent Confluence Server's host.

In this release:

  • Date data type is now supported. For example you may specify the following formula: DAYS(NOW(), DATE(2016, 04,17)) and the number of days will be returned.
  • TEXT function is added to format text in EXCEL style
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