In this release:

  • Long awaited ability to use data from several pages in a single Math macro formula: just specify “[PageId]” before table field specification. PageId may be copied from the address bar while editing a src page, as it is a part of URI when Page Editor is opened. Usage example: “SUM([123123]Table1.A2:B4) / SUM([456456]Table2.B2:C2)”
  • Caching of loaded pages to make macro work faster
  • Better HTML to plain text conversion
  • Trial version sign double appearance fix
  • Removing unused extra code to make macro file size smaller

In this release:

  • CurrentTable variable specificator support: If Math macro is placed inside a table cell, you may refer to the cells of its parent table with CurrentTable specificator, for example you may specify “CurrentTable.A2” instead of “Table2.A2”
  • Optimizations in reading own and outer page contents: own page content is read only once and then cached for further use; the same is done with outer page.

Note: both features are available in both Server and Cloud versions of Math plugin.

In this release:

  • Static JIRA Issues macro load feature - fix an issue when embedded JIRA Issues macro value was read like a "reading content..." instead of actual number of issues

Note: Atlassian changed the behavior of Atlassian JIRA Issues macro in the latest versions of Confluence, thus this feature will not work in the last releases. We are looking for the solution.

In this major release:

  • Ability to load Math macro dynamically. If this feature is turned on, only a tiny part of macro is loaded initially and all calculations are performed in parallel and loaded afterwards. This lets a parent page to be loaded without waiting while all calculations are finished.

Note: The feature applies to server version only

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